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Groups and Factions of the Spires

This part of the Spires' background was put together using Monte Cook's notes about Ptolus, the Complete Book of Eldritch Might and Ghostwalk Campaign Option mainly.

Some Noble Houses

A number of noble families of the Host still exists and wields influence over the Spires, usually through their prodigious remaining wealth. A list of the more prominent noble houses includes:

Abanar: A mercantile house, Abanar is very wealthy but not well thought of.

Dallimothan: Often said to belong to "House Dragon," the members of this house dress in dragon armor, use dragon regalia, and are whispered to truck with dragons themselves. Kirstol Dallimothan is the current head of the house.

Khatru: Famous for its military leadership and martial prowess, House Khatru is made up of arrogant boors and self-righteous warriors. Lord Dorant Khatru is the current master of the house.

Nagel: House Nagel, led by Lady Fransin Nagel, is an enemy of House Sadar.

Sadar: A foe of House Nagel, Sadar is sometimes called "House Shadow." Ren Sadar, the head of the house, was recently assassinated, and his people are looking for someone willing to perform a true resurrection. The Inverted Pyramid, a group to which Ren also belonged, seeks his slayer, an elf named Daersidian Ringsire.

Vlaadam: This house has a vile reputation, and a very ancient one. Iristul Vlaadam is the current master of the house. They are frequent allies of House Sadar.

Groups and Factions

The Delver's Guild is an organization constantly growing in power. It facilitates the exploration of the dungeons of the Spires, including most notably Ptolus' Undercity and Laelith's Maze. The guild holds a wealth of information about the underground networks running under the Spires and has even established waystations in a few major locations of the Long Dark.

The Keepers of the Veil maintain their base on Center Street in Ptolus' Midtown district, but they also possess a fortress, the Siege Castle, on the edge of the Necropolis. They strive to eradicate the curse of the undead from the world forever. They form a faction among the Knights of the Quiet (see below).

The Forsaken are the opposite numbers of the Keepers of the Veil. These despicable outcasts embrace death and the undead. A subgroup within their ranks, called the Licheloved, carries out the will of dark death gods in ways that -- it's said -- even the other Forsaken find difficult to stomach. It's unclear whether all the Forsaken are living people who consort with the undead, or whether some of them are actually undead themselves. The Forsaken are mainly active in and around Ptolus.

The Fallen are the allies of the Forsaken who dwell with them in the Necropolis. Not much is known of them, but they are said to be immortal demons or half-demons residing permanently in the world. Like the Forsaken, the Fallen are mainly active in and around Ptolus.

The Brotherhood of Redemption operates mainly under Ptolus, but maintains a surface structure in the Guildsman's District. This order of monks believes that no evil is irredeemable, and they seek to give any evil creature a chance to repent. They also pay adventurers for any evil creature captured and brought to them for redemption.

The Healers of the Sacred Heat are located in the Temple District of Ptolus and near Laelith's Lazaret (houses of healing). They offer inexpensive healing. It's said to be painful, however.

The Inverted Pyramid is a mysterious and ancient guild of arcanists. The group's headquarters and membership are shrouded in mystery, but its members carry a lot of weight in both Ptolus and Laelith.

The Knights of the Golden Cross is a mysterious group of powerful people who oppose evil at every turn. Their tower-fortress lies in Ptolus' Old Town.

The Vai is an assassins guild dedicated to death. Rumor has it that each member swears to take the life of an intelligent being each day.

The Knights of the Chord form a military order of honorable warriors using bardic arts as weapons and banner.

The Flaming Fists form the military faction among the servants of the Silver Flame, the Fire cult of the Church of Lothian. They are under the command of Andares d'Astradeen, Princess Consular of the Host.

The Golden is the main thieves' guild of the Seven Spires. It's main rules are to never draw the first blood in a confrontation, unless it is for defense, and to not rob thieves.

The Blue Garter is a courtesans' guild. It is for hire, but usually follows its own agendas when choosing to contract with this or that patron. The goals it tries to fulfill remain uncertain, though.

The Guild of Morticians originated in the Skull, the earth cult of the Church of Lothian, but quickly grew into an independant faction. Its goals are to take care of the dead of the Seven Spires. Usually, it involves the organization of the travels of corpses and relatives to Manifest where the Gates to the Underworld lie.

The Piran Sedestadel is another guild of magisters. It is not directly opposed to the Inverted Pyramid since it cares for study, particularly related to the dead and their Ghosts.

The Yisa-Khardomas enforce the laws of the Land to the Ghosts and spirits of the Spires. Most Ghosts live in Manifest, but a few are known to dwell in other cities like Ptolus. Where Ghosts dwell the Yisa-Khardomas follow, generally.

The Knights of the Quiet or Quiet Knights are strongly opposed to anything that would blur the frontier between Life and Death. This includes representants and emanations of the Old Faith such as the Undead, Ghosts and Darkbonds (more than Greenbonds, but still).

The Necromancers of the Night Alley form yet another guild of magic users, this time dedicated to everything related to death and the undead. Needless to say, they are the sworn enemies of the Quiet Knights.

The Mercantile Guild is the association of all the major merchants and business players over the Seven Spires. This is a powerful lobby often said to oppose the Morticians. But this seems to be a bit of an overstatement, since the Morticians try to keep their travels and business strictly related to the dead and not so much economical goods or resources.


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