Saturday, December 31, 2005

Seven Spires' Set Up

"Seven Spires" is the name I give to the setting I created to run role-playing game sessions using the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, Arcana Evolved and other d20 System resources (like Iron Heroes, to name just one).

The Seven Spires Campaign serves two purposes: it is intended to provide fun to me and my friends and test some of my fantasy design ideas (for role-playing and writing purposes).

I ran the first game of the seven Spires in late September 2004. At the time, there were six players at the game table plus me, the DM. Only one of these players knew how to role-play, while the others only vaguely knew about Dungeons and Dragons. Of these six players, five were teachers and one was the counselor of the nearby school where my fiancee teaches every day (speaking of my fiancee, you can have a look at Deetsa's Dining Room, her blog).

I decided to separate the Chronicles of the Seven Spires into "seasons", much like a TV series, with each season playing during a single school year.

The first season of the Seven Spires, entitled Chronicle of an Emerald Death (or simply the Emerald Death), ran from September 2004 to June 2005.

The Second season of the Seven Spires is entitled Chronicle of the Crimson Tide (or simply the Crimson Tide). It started in mid-September 2005 and is still running as I write these lines.

This blog will present you both seasons of the Seven Spires. I will follow a chronological order to tell the tales of the Spellwardens, as the players' characters became to be known during Season 2, but will begin with a short description of the Seven Spires' background elements.


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